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Managing an artist: is that a matter of semantics?

The term “Artist Manager”, used in the entertainment industry, often refers to a person who oversees the “big picture” to develop the artist and move towards professional success. This means that they deal with all the people associated with the artist, from agents, publicists, record companies, publishers, tour employees, group members and, in turn, deal with all the millions of details associated with each member. teams.

Now, according to the dictionary, the word manager has 5 potential meanings:

  1. succeed
  1. take or be responsible or control
  1. dominate or influence
  1. be responsible or control the company
  1. get along, run

Therefore, when you think about artiste management company singapore, or perhaps the career of another artist, you will most likely use one or all of the above definitions when doing your job.

Despite the fact that in order to succeed as a traveling artist you must manage all the actions that lead you to achieve your goals, I would like to raise the bar a bit and offer you a new way of thinking about your work.

What if now you look like a visionary entrepreneur?

The reality is that in order to become a successful artist, manager or agent of an artist, you need to have an idea of ​​how you would like to see your future. Another fact is that you are an entrepreneur who runs his own business. When you combine two words, you are sowing seeds for something much larger and much more impressive than just managing your business.